1.  PLAINLY before thy face our God

is everything we do

The day the night same before Thee

Good Lord deliver us.

2.  No sin is ever hid from Thee

No word thou never heard

All ever written in thy book

For ever knowledge be.

3.  No robbery done, no falsehood told

No pride no backbiting

No idle word not recorded

Good Lord forgive our sins.

4.  From day to day thy word we heard

Thy love, thy cares, we know

Yet stubborn faithless here we be

Good Lord deliver us.

5.  Oh! when we hear the last blast given

And homeward call is made

Straight to the judgement throne above

Good Lord deliver us.

6.  Forgive me Lord forgive my sin

While yet my life is given

And all my sin thy blood remove

Good Lord forgive my sins.  Amen

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