HYMN 713

Tune: D 7s

1.  HARK the voice of Jesus say 

     Fields are white, harvest waiting 

     But the lab’rers are so few

     Art thou prepared for the work 

     The sower went forth sowing 

     Fields are white, harvest waiting 

     The harvester with sickle 

     Came and bear the sheaves away.

2.  The Saviour is now calling 

     Calling upon the lab‘rers 

     Put my armour upon thee 

     And prepare to do the work 

    The time is running fastly 

    The day of harvest is nigh 

    The harvest is ready

    To carry sheaves to the barn.

3.  Ten virgins were appointed

     Five of them were not prepared 

     Five of them are now ready

     To enter with our Saviour

     Make use of thy talents now

     Do the work given to thee

     Press thou on with longsuffering 

     Thou shall have victorious crown.

4.  Hear the call of the Master 

     Come to Him as He calls thee 

     Do not wait until morrow 

     The salvation day is nigh

     The voice that is calling now 

     May stop from calling again 

     Make good resolution now

     To receive thy glorious crown.

5.  O Lord Jesus my Saviour

     With joy I will do Thy work 

    Give Thy gift of tongue to me 

    Thy messages fearless give

    Then my soul shall be of rest 

    And shall sing the song of praise 

    To whom glory and honours 

    Due for ever and ever.  Amen

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