HYMN 715

Tune: 7s 6s Gbogbo ogo, iyin, ola

1.  CHRIST Jesus our dear Saviour 

     To Thee glory we give

     For Thine saving grace on us 

     Ever from ages past

     We’re gathered before Thee now

     To praise Thine Holy name 

     We mortal soldiers of Christ 

     Cherubim, Seraphim

     This day We’re celebrating 

     Before Thee Holy Lord

     All glory, praise and honour 

     Ever to Trinity.

2.  Thine blessings we plead Father

     In this anniversary

     With Holy Spirit fill us

     And Divine Strenght we plead 

     That we may wholly serve Thee 

     Save us from sin we plead

     From demons and temptations 

     Grant us victory we plead

     May our light shine forever 

     Like city on the rock

     Let us worship Christ Jesus 

     Our benevolent King.

3.  Ye mortal soldiers of Christ 

     Congratulations all

     Blow ye the trump of the Lamb 

     Assigned to thee by God

     Thou who march on patiently 

     Bearing thine cross along

     And thou shall reign for ever 

     When tribulations cease

     The latterdays trump shall sound 

     For judgement of the world 

     Christ Divine Judge manifest 

     And sitted on the throne.

4.  Many our contemporaries 

     This day live not to see

     In the turmoil of the earth 

     Many wandered away

     Christ is patiently calling 

     Come wanderers back to fold 

     Return ye children of Light

     To the fold of Jesus

     Proclaim around loud and clear 

     Unto the infidels

     The day of the Lord is nigh 

     Repent! O! now repent.

5.  Lord God is the creator

     Of heaven and of earth

     Flowers He kept flourishing

     And stars it’s glittering beams

     His voice the storm hath harkened 

     And all birds He doth feed

     Moreso all we His Children

     He doth feed everyday

     All worthy gifts descending

     All from heaven above

     Our thanks unto God we give

     For all His love unend.

6.  Our time is in Thine hand Lord 

     Oh in this passing year

     Pray hard ye soldiers of Christ 

     The Trinity shall hark

     Thou we look to and worship 

     Lest we be put to shame

     And let not we Thine children 

     Sob and weep not we plead

     On Thee we rest all our trust 

     Thou art our hope Oh Lord 

     Help us That we may worship 

     Till when our life endures.  Amen

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