HYMN 718
Tune: Guide me oh Thou Great Jehovah

1.  GOD the Lord is King, before Him

     Earth, with thy nations, wait

     Where the cherubim adore Him 

     Sitteth He His royal state

     He is holy

     Blessed, only Potentate!

2.  God the Lord is King of Glory 

     Zion, tell the world His fame 

     Ancient Israel, the story 

     Of His faithfulness proclaim

     He is holy

     Holy is His awful name.

3.  In old times when dangers darkened 

     When, invoked by priest and seer 

     To His people‘s cry He hearkened 

     Answer'd them in all their fear

     He is holy

     As they call‘d they found Him near.

4.  Laws divine to them were spoken

     From the pillar of the cloud 

     I Sacred precepts, quickly broker

     Fiercely then His vengeance flow'd

     He is holy

     To the dust thier hearts were bore.

5.  But their Father God forgave them 

     When they sought His face once more

     Ever ready was to save them 

     Tenderly did He restore

     He is holy

     We too will His grace implore.

6.  God in Christ is all forgiving 

     Waits His promise to fulfil

     Come, exalt Him all the living 

     Come, ascend His holy hill!

     He is holy

     Worship at His holy hill.  Amen

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