HYMN 719

L.M (FE 746)
Tune: LM Ji okan mi ba orun ji

1.  WHAT befit us today oh Lord 

     But dancing and rejoicing! Lord 

     He made us live, this day to see 

     In chorus shout halleluyah.

2.  Forever it is established

     That Christ Jesus is amidst us 

     Assurineg He calms us down

     We shall fulfil our spans on earth.

3.  The house except the Lord doth build 

     All labourer in vain doth work 

     Except the city's kept of God

     The watchmen waketh but in vain.

4.  All ye elders and ye leaders

     March on in service to the Lord 

     Father shall fill thee with His power 

     To overcome satan and sin.

5.  From evil the Lord shall protect 

     There shall be no loss of a soul

     The barren shall be blessed from high 

     Safely, pregnant shall deliver.  Amen

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