HYMN 730

H.C 117 6s (FE 756)
"For the Lord fought for Israel" - Josh.10:14
s : f m m : r : d

1.  THOU Conqueror St. Michael 

     m : r : d : t : l - s

     Hasten descend below

     r : r : m : f : s : m :

     On this Victorious Day 

     d : l : d : r : r : d : 

     Delay no longer, come.

2.  Thy Victories Our Father 

     Is greater than of man 

     Our Worshipful Father 

     Hasten Deliver us.

3.  Conquer witches for us 

     Conquer wizard for us 


     Conquer our enemies.

4.  Appejuba - Hujjah 

     Yahwottah - Saharah

     Thou with the flaming sword 

     Conquer witches for us.

5.  lyamma - Iyamma

     Our ever pow’rful King 

     Ajagorah - Hullah

     Come destroy witches power.

6.  Ye heavenly Cherubim 

     And Seraphim above 

     Rise up to render help 

     To us the Band below.

7.  Emmanuel Father

     Thou Conqueror of death 

     Thou Art Everlasting 

     Hasten deliver us.

8.  Ojira-Saro Fa

     El-Eli Yaworah

     Whose promise never fail 

     Come and prosper my ways.

9.  Glory to Father be

     Glory be to the Son

      And to the Holy Ghost 

     Praises to Trinity.  Amen

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