HYMN 731
Tune: Baba wa orun awa de

1.  HEAVENLY Father, Thou hast brought us

     Safely to the present day

     Gently leading on our footsteps 

     Watching o’er us all the way 

     Friend and Guide through life’s long journey 

     Grateful hearts to Thee we bright 

     But for love so true and changeless 

     How shall we fit praises sing?

2.  Mercies new and never failing 

     Brightly shine through all the past 

     Watchful care and lovingkindness 

     Always near from first to last 

     Tender, love, divine protection 

     Ever with us day and night 

     Blessings more than we can number 

     Strow the path with golden light.

3.  Shadows deep have cross’d our pathway

     We have trembled in the storm 

     Clouds have gather’d round so darkly 

     That we could not see Thy form

      Yet Thy love hath never left us

     In our griefs alone to be

     And the help each gave the other 

     Was the strength that came from Thee.

4.  Many that we lov’d have left us 

     Reaching first their joumey’s end 

     Now they wait to give us welcome 

     Brother, sister, child, and friend 

     When at last our jouney’s over

     And we pass away from sigh

     Father, take us through the darkness 

     Into everlasting light.  Amen

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