HYMN 733

t.C.M.S 90 D. 7s 6s (FE 759)
Tune: D 7s 6s Duro Duro fun jesu

1.  BAND of Cherub, Seraphim 

     Band of the heav‘nly hosts 

     Band of the Saint Apostles 

     Band of the Holy Church 

     Hosts of the heaven above 

     Praise Thee all day and night 

     Thou God of the trinity 

     Most High God, Majesty.

2.  We members of Seraphim

     To Thee Father we praise

     That we may do but Thine will 

     As in heaven its done

     Be with us as we gather

     ln spirit let us worship 

     Descend, congregate with us 

     Reveal Thine glory now.

3.  Amidst numberless evil 

     Encamped all about us 

     Amidst dangers and hardship 

     Raging in our cities

     Thanks I will to Thee offer 

     For Thou art my protection 

     Oh gracious King of goodwill 

     Glory be to Thy name.

4.  When Noah offer Thee thank 

     Thou revealed the rainbow

     Assuringly that flood will 

     Never submerge the earth 

     Father reveal the rainbow

     In this our worship we plead 

     Evil will forever cease

     Here and the universe.

5.  Thou who this Band established 

     Bless us with Thine glory

     Be Thou our guide and fortress 

     ‘Midst temptations on earth

     O! Father God Almighty

     Thou who declare all fortunes 

     Bless this Band with Thine fortunes 

     Sake of Jesus Thy Son.  Amen

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