HYMN 734

t.H.C.120 D.8s 7s (FE 760)
Tune: 8s 7s Jesu mo gbagbelebu mi

1.  ARISE ye Band of Seraphim

     All ye gird firmly your loins

     God Himself establish’d this Band 

     Fear not but be courageous

     Go evangelise His good news

     He with us shall be to the end 

     Looking ahead to Christ Jesus 

     Now and unto victory.

2.  Arise ye Band of Seraphim

     Word of God spreading abroad 

     Through the entire universe

     More unto all the wanderers

     That all men on earth be redeemed 

     And to save all destroyed souls

     Bid all to the fold of Jesus

     Come! unto eternal life.  Amen

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