HYMN 735

C.M. (FE 761)
Tune: C.M lsun kan wa to kun f‘eje

1.  YE members of Seraphim Band 

     Vengeance is not of thee

     Ye members of Cherubim Band) 

     Vengeance is not of thee) - 2ce

2.  Members of this salvation host 

     Mockery is not thine lot

     Resist not when the haters rage)

     Antagonisers too) - 2ce

3.  Hark ye the voice of our Saviour 

     Gently to us He speaks

     Keep mem‘ry of my death on cross 

     The nail prints too on me) - 2ce

4.  Whence we endure tribulation

     All the shame too forebear

     The starry crown of morning star)

     We shall at last adorn) - 2ce

5.  ln fellowship with heav'ly hosts 

     The Lord we shall adore

     The hymns of Moses we shall rend 

     And that of Divine Lamb) - 2ce

6.  Songs of Halle, Halleluyah 

     Songs of praise to our King 

     Eternal Blessed Trinity) 

     Father, Son and Spirit) - 2ce  Amen

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