HYMN 740

C.M.S 113 O. t.H.C 235 S.M (FE 766)
“We have seen His star in the east” - Matt.2:2

1.  BEHOLD, what star is this 

     How beautiful and bright! 

     A guide it is to the gentiles 

     To the King of glory.

2.  Behold, the wisemen all 

     Came up from the Orient,

     They came and made their obeisance 

     To Jesus Christ the Blest.

3.  May Thou light of the soul 

     llluminate our land

     Show the way, make us follow Thee 

     Our Lord Emmauel.

4.  May ancestral Spirit

     The images and groves 

     Worshipeth in the heathen lands 

     Give way to Christ Jesus.

5.  May high priest of the groves 

     All over Africa

    True Redeemed, wise men to be 

    Jesus‘ offering receive.

6.  Father and creator

     Jesus revealeth to

     The heathens of the early days 

     Jesus to us reveal.  Amen

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