HYMN 742

8s 4s (FE 768)
Tune: Oluwa orun on aye

1.  CHERUBIM and Ye Seraphim 

     Offer praise to Father above 

     Holy Father and glorious God 

     Watch over us - 3ce

2.  Christ Jesus the head of our Band 

     Resurrected now evermore 

     Cherubim and ye Seraphim

     Be filled with joy - 3ce

3.  Jehovah Jireh our great King 

     Jehovah Nissi oh Father 

     Jehovah Ruphi be our guard 

     Now and ever - 3ce

4.  Ye members of Cherubim Band 

     Existing on the planet earth

     Christ Jesus the Head of our Band 

     He’s risen now - 3ce

5.  All Bands whose turbulence endures 

     Who also thus fervently pray

     Shall sing aj oyful song on the 

     Resurrection - 3ce

6.  All holy Bands in heaven above 

     Give praises and glory to God 

     Let all who dwell on earth below 

     Be well prepared - 3ce

7.  Witches, wizards are invalid

     Over the Band of Cherubim 

     Christ Jesus the Head of our Band 

     ls victorious.  Amen

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