HYMN 744

C.M.S 132 O t.H.C. 14 L.M (FE 772)
“Go ye therefore and teach all 
Nations” - Matt. 28:19

1.  GO and tell of the glad tiding

     Make all the world to hear the news 

     Who hears and believes shall be saved

     Those who refuse shall be condemned.

2.  To thee I reveal great mysteries

     Ye shall show forth my word of truth 

     In all the works that I have done 

     And the miracles ye shall do.

3.  Go heal the sick and raise the dead

     In my great name cast out demons

     Let not my prophet ever fear

     Though Jews and Gentiles should deride.

4.  Teach all the world my commandments 

     And lo, l am with you always 

     To me belong all pow‘r and might

     I can kill and can cause to live.

5.  A light enriched Him all around

     He ascended in glory great

     The news was proclaim’d far and near 

     The ascension of our Saviour.

6.  Cherubim, Seraphim on earth

     To heaven in glory ascend
     Unto a land remote, afar

     News of the ascension of Christ.  Amen

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