HYMN 747

C.M.S 138 H.C 123 10s 11s (FE 775)
Tune: 10s 11s (Aigbagbo Bila)

1.  SERVANTS of the Lord, go proclaiming Him 

     Go proclaiming His wonderous 

     and great name

     Exalt the name of Christ Jesus the conqueror 

     His Kingdom is ever glorious above all.

2.  Almighty reigneth in heaven above

     He’s nigh unto us and always with us

     This great congregation, His victory shall sing 

     Confessing, salvation is of Christ Jesus.

3.  Salvation belong to our reigning God

     All the earth chorus give grace to the Son 

     Hosts of angels sing praises to Christ Jesus 

     Reverendly bow in worship to Christ Jesus.

4.  Oh come let’s worship and offer Him praise 

     Glory, power, wisdom and also the strength 

     Honour and blessing with the angelic hosts 

     Everlasting thanks and love for ever more.  Amen

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