HYMN 749

C.M.S 519 D.S.M (FE 783)
“Well done thou good and faithful servant enter
now in to the joy of thy master.” - Matt.25:21

1.  "SERVANT of God, well done 

     From all your labour rest

     Thou has fought and Thou has triumphed

     Enter Thy Master’s joy”

     The call came in the night 

     He rais‘d himself to hear 

     The arrow of death enter'd in 

     He fell, but did not fear.

2.  The midnight cry went forth

     Arise to meet thy God

     He woke, and saw his commander 

     Through prayer and in faith

     His soul rose up at once 

     Left this body of clay

     When morn broke, this body of clay 

     Was found lying down dead.

3.  The pangs of death is past

     Cares and distress are o'er

     The days of fighting are all gone

     His heart has found real peace 

     Soldier of Christ, ‘well done'

     Keep singing songs of joy

     Take thy rest in Thy Saviour's breast

     And rest eternally.  Amen

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