HYMN 750

S.M (FE 784) 
“He is asleep." - Luke 8:52

1.  HE's asleep Jesus saith

     Of Lazarus His friend

     Was dead, buried beneath the earth 

     In the sepulchre laid.

2.  Four whole days he was dead 

     He's asleep Jesus saith 

     Jesus, resurrection and life 

     Unto all that believes.

3.  Christ friends ever shall live

     To celestial being form

     Away from earthly worms and dust 

     With Angelic hosts fly.

4.  Sleep on! sleep on! belov'd

     Thy companion is Christ

     Be courageous, soundeth His voice 

     Thou shall with me “arise”.

5.  Soon His voice thou shall hark 

     From thy rest home below

     The sounding voice of Christ Jesus 

     To thee saying arise!.

6.  Thine sorrow bid away

     But be alive in hope

     Dear belov'd farewell, thee we bid 

     Sleep on and take thy rest.

7.  We shall to rest be laid

     When to us sound the call

     That we at dawn may meet again 

     At the feet of Lord.  Amen

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