HYMN 754

Tune CM (FE 788)

1.  BLESSED are the dead in the Lord 

     In Him alone they slept

     Record it thus the spirit spake 

     Their toils trails on with them.

2.  From all hard toil they take a rest 

     From this wilderness here 

     Rejoicing amidst Host of Saints

     ln heaven there above.

3.  Much and recountless is their joy 

     Almidst the Glorious Hosts

     Christ Jesus in whom all they trust 

     Comfort to them He grant.

4.  Numberless are the Cherubim 

     Around the throne of God,

     Countless number of Seraphims 

     Singing Helleluyah.

5.  Twenty and four celestial beings 

     And four Angelic beings

     Around the throne of the Saviour 

     Singing Holy, Holy.

6.  How great the beauty and glory? 

     Much and recountless be 

     Glitt’ring are the Saints in glory 

     Singing the Moses hymns.

7.  Glory be to Father on high 

     Glory be to the Son 

     Glory to the Holy Spirit 

     Eternal Triune God.  Amen

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