HYMN 761

O.t.H.C 164 C.M (FE 795)
"In the morning it flourisheth, and growth up, 
in the evening it is cut down and withereth"
- Ps. 90:6

1.  THE flow'rs that beautified the field 

     That looked tender and fresh

     When touched by sickle, it will die 

     It falls and withers off.

2.  This example is fit for us

     According to God's word

     Let young and old take heed and know 

     That they are but like grass.

3.  Put not your trust on fleeting breath 

     Call not your times your own 

     Around, we see sickle of death

     Cut down thousands of souls.

4.  Those who are spared until this day 
     Soon, life will also end

     Prepare, be wise before the time 

     The death angel will come.

5.  The grass, when dead, will wake no more 

     Die, thou, that thou may live

     What, if death were the door that leads 

     To everlasting pain.

6.  O Lord, help us answer Thy call

     Let us depart from sin

     And when we fall down like the grass 

     Let our souls come to Thee.  Amen

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