HYMN 762

H.C 541 6s (FE 796)
“And I heard a voice from heaven saying
unto me, write blessed are the dead 
which die in the Lord" - Rev.14:13

1.  HUSH! blessed are the dead 

     In Jesus’ arms who rest 

     And lean their weary head

     Forever on His breast. 

2.  Oh beautiful a sight!

     No darkling veil between 

     They see the Light of Light 

     Whom here they loved unseen.

3.  For them the world is past 

     With all its toil and care

     Its withering midnight blast

     Its fiery noonday glare.

4.  Them the good shepherd leads 

     Where storms are never rife 

     In tranquil dewy meads 

     Beside the Fount of life.

5.  Ours only are the tears 

     Who weep around their tomb 

     The light of bygone years

     And shadowmg years to come.

6.  Their voice their touch their smile 

     Those love-spring flowing o'er 

     Earth for its little while

     Shall never know them more.

7.  O tender hearts and true

     Our long last vigil kept 

     We weep and mourn for you

     Nor blame us Jesus wept.

8.  But soon at break of day

     His calm Almighty voice 

     Stronger than death shall say 

     Awake, arise, and rejoice. Amen

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