HYMN 765

C.M.S 517 H.C 2 L.M (FE 799) 
"I die daily” - 1Cor. 15:31 

1.  AS the mourning bell loudly sound 

     Calling upon the passing souls

     Let every one to probe himself

     Are we prepared if death now calls.

2.  Now to forsake all earthly stock

     And straight depart the judgment throne 

     And the voice of the Judge to hear

     He shall my lot to me disclose.

3.  WillI be pleased, if He should say 

     Get thee away from me thou cursed

     To eternal furnance in hell 

     Prepared for satan and his hosts.

4.  Lord Jesus Saviour, save my soul

     I repose my trust upon Thee

     Perdition way teach me to see

     Teach me to live ever with Thee.  Amen

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