(FE 94)
“The earth is the Lord’s" - Ps 24:1

1.  THE EARTH is the Lord’s and His alone

     The world with all its creatures

     He found its foundation on the seas

     And on the roaring forties.

Chorus:  Lift up your heads

               Oh Holy Gates be ye lifted up

               King of glory to enter.

2.  Who will ascend on the Holy Hill

     The Holy Hill of the Lord

     Who will ever stand before the King 
     The Holy King of Glory.

Chorus:  Lift up your heads...

3.  He who lives holy life all his days

     And also keeps holy heart

     Whose heart never raise to vanity

     And no deceit in his tongues.

Chorus:  Lift up your heads...

4.  These only will receive His blessings

     Blessings from the Lord of Host

     We who daily ask Thy face Oh! God

     Daily in Thy Holy Courts.

Chorus:  Lift up your heads...

5.  Only those who daily seek Thy face

     Thy merciful face Oh God

     We who daily lift up all our hearts

     And hands in holy temple.

Chorus:  Lift up your heads...  Amen

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