HYMN 770

C.M.S 592 S.M. (FE 804)
“Teaching them to observe all things"
- Matt. 28:20

1.  SERVANTS of Christ the Lord

     Hark! sounds the voice of God 

     The pathway thee He leads to trail 

     His way, thee calls to tread.

2.  Father whom all thee serve 

     Strength hath He to bestow 

     His promises fervently trust 

     Fight manfully onward.

3.  Manifest ye the Lord 

     And His mercies oh great!

     Amidst the wretched sinners all 

    Of Adam’s fallen race.

4.  Account of Christ our Lord 

     “Farewell to thee we bid

     We pray thy Maker and our Lord 

     To prosper all thy works.  Amen

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