8S7S (FE 95)
“The earth is the Lord our God”
- Ps. 24

1.  THE EARTH is the Lord's our God,

     And all the fullness thereof

     The world and all Living creature

     Dwelling now and evermore.

Chorus:  Marvellous are aII thy works

              O Lord god of all the Host

              Glory, Honour and The Power

              To the Holy Trinity.

2.  Who' will ascend to the Lord's Hill

     And on to His Holy place,

     He that keeps his bands ever clean

     And pure heart in all his days.

Chorus:  Marvellous are aII...

3.  He that lifted not his heart on

     All the Worldly vanity

     And Swearth not deceitfully

     Shall lack not the Lord‘s Blessing.

Chorus:  Marvellous are aII...

4.  This is the Generation seeking

     Face of the God of Jacob

     They that standeth by the Lord God

     Shall lack not the Lord's Blessing.

Chorus:  Marvellous are aII...

5.  Lift up your heads O ye Holy gates

     And be ye lifted up high

     O ye everlasting Gate

     Let the King of Glory in.

Chorus:  Marvellous are aII...

6.  And who is the King of Glory

     O Lord, God of all the Hosts

     Who has full might in the battle

     Is the Lord King of Glory.

Chorus:  Marvellous are aII...

7.  Lift up your heads O Ye Gate

     Let The King of Glory in

     And who is the King of Glory?

     O Lord God of All the Hosts.

Chorus:  Marvellous are aII...  Amen

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