HYMN 782

C.M.S 545 t.H.C 60 7s (FE 816)
"I cried to Thee, O Lord" - Ps.30:8 
Tune: We lift up our eyes

1.  COME, Jesus reveal Thyself

     Come, our hearts teach to know Thee

     Come, and set our hearts on fire 

     Come, and bless us ere we part.

2.  Come, put peace within our hearts 

     Come, that we all may be blessed 

     Come, and speak the words of peace,

     Come, our faith increase, O Lord.

3.  Come, make all our doubtings flee 

     Come, and teach us how to pray 

     Come, and fill our hearts with love, 

     Come, and lift our hearts to heaven.

4.  Come, and make our hearts rejoice 

     Come, and say, ‘You are my choice 

     Come, Thy fold in safety keep

     Come, and bless Thy sheep today.  Amen 

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