HYMN 788

C.M (FE 822)
Tune: CM Emi ba le fiwa pele

1.  HOW great the glory of our King 

     Who abide high above

     Oh! what a kid, His hymns can rend 

     In honour of His name.

2.  Who may recount His strength divine 

     And of His grace divine

     Not one on earth and high above 

     Their greatness to reveal.

3.  Even Angels around the Lord

     Him, may not they discern

     But His comandments all they keep 

     To Him, rend hymns of praise.

4.  I would with them, the hymn to rend 

     My offering to Him brought

     King of glory wilt not despise

     Voices of heav’nly kids.

5.  Be ready, my soul and my tongue 

     To rend the hymns of praise 

     Unto Almighty Creator

     Joy of Angelic hosts.  Amen

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