HYMN 789

C.M. (FE 823)
Time: CM Emi ba n’egberun ahon

1.  BLESSED be the power divine

     The Truth and the Wisdom

     And blessed be the Grace divine 

     Whom, our salvation earn.

2.  Forbiden fruit, our fathers chew 

     His glory all was lost

     All we descendants thus enslaved 

     Unto satan and death.

3.  Thanks we give to Father and Son 

     For His Son, us He gave

     He who hath died that we may live 

     Adopting us for God.

4.  All Father’s commands disobeyed 

     ls Christ, Son who was slained 

     His life He offered on the cross 

     Thus, all our sins He bore.

5.  Alas! He‘s risen from the grave 

     To heaven He ascend

     There in heaven by His honour 

     All sinners He doth save.

6.  He reigneth on the glorious throne 

     With divine power and strenght

     The chains and bounds of sin He broke 

     Our liberty we gain.

7.  He shall return, the world to judge 

     In great honour divine

     Thither He shall all saints recall 

     Out from the grave with joy.

8.  May I partake of the great Joy 

     Before the Greatest Judge 

     Redemption songs would I to rend 

     ln worship with the saints.  Amen

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