9S (FE 96)
“And being assembled together with them,
commanded them that they should not
depart from Jerusalem but wait for the
promise of the Father which saith He ye
have heard of Me" - Acts 1:4

1.  HOLY Father draw nigh unto us

     Holy Son please draw nigh unto us

     Holy Spirit draw nigh unto us

     We draw nigh unto Thee to bless us.

Chorus:  Our Father, Our Father

               Almighty we beseech Thee bless us

               Our Father, Our Father

               Almighty we beseech Thee bless us.

2.  Abide with us Jehovah‐Jireh

     Dwell in our hearts we beseech Thee Lord

     With Thy merciful eyes look on us
     Firmly build this Band Lord God of Host.

Chorus:  Our Father...

3.  Give unto us thy spirit Good Lord

     That we may all serve Thee to the end

      And direct Thee O Lord our band

     That we may gain Thy Kingdom O Lord.

Chorus:  Our Father...

4.  Provide for all our members O Lord

     To the jobless provide work O Lord

     Let us all not lament Lord we pray

     Let Thy blessing go round all of us.

Chorus:  Our Father...

5.  When we depart from world to Thy hand

     Let us be acceptable to Thee

     That we may reign with Jesus our Lord

     Before Thy Holy Trinity Throne.

Chorus:  Our Father...

6.  That we may hear that voice at the end

     Come to me thou blessed ones of God

     Enter on to the joy of thy Lord

     With the Angel‘s to sing Hymns of praise.

Chorus:  Our Father...  Amen

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