HYMN 790

C.M. (FE 824) 
C.M “Emi Ba le F’iwa Pele”

1.  ALL the poor on earth that I know 

     Multitude, numberless 

     What can I offer to my God

     For all His gifts received.

2.  My lot is fairer than others

     As God cares much for me 

     More to me than the destitutes 

     Who wanders all about.

3.  Many are kids walking in rags

     ln cold winters about

     While I am decked in fitting cloak 

     Me looking cute all through.

4.  While many others homeless be 

     No place to live nor dwell 

     But to me befitting abode

     And blessings from above.

5.  Many are they that are liars 

     Some steal and falsely swear 

     Thee I learn to worship in awe 

     From whence l but a babe.

6.  Imagine His favour to me

     Much unto me alone

     Thou doth deserve that Thee l’ll love 

     And me to worship Thee.  Amen

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