HYMN 794

C.M.S 479. H.C 511 8.6
8.6.8 (FE 828)
"And have washed their robes, and 
made them white in the Blood of the 
Lamb" - Rev. 7:14

1.  AROUND the throne of God in heaven 

     Thousands of Children stand 

     Children whose sins are (all) forgiven 

     A Holy Happy Band.

Chorus: Singing Glory, Glory, Glory.

2.  In flowing robes of spotless white 

     See every one array’d

     Dwelling in everlasting light 

     And joy that never fade.

Chorus: Singing Glory...

3.  What brought them to that world above 

     That Heaven so right and fair

     Where all is peace, and joy and love, 

     How came those children there.

Chorus: Singing Glory...

4.  Because the Saviour shed his blood 

     To wash away their sin

     Bathed in that precious pure Blood

     Behold them white and clean. 

Chorus: Singing Glory...

5.  On earth they sought the Saviour’s Grace 

     On earth they love His Name

     So now they see His blessed face

     And stand before the Lamb.

Chorus: Singing Glory...

6.  God is that fountain flowing yet? 

     Bless‘d Saviour leads us there

     That we those happy ones may meet 

     And in their praises share.

Chorus: Singing Glory, Glory, Glory.  Amen

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