HYMN 795

O.t.H. C. 289 C.M. (FE 829)
“Love not the world” - 1John. 2:15

1.  WE love all the earthly stock below 

     Cherished by lusty eyes 

     We love to tarry here on earth 

     Sav'ring It‘s deadly chills.

2.  Why covet we in bitter chase

     When sacred home exists 

     There shall no sin or evil found 

     No peril there abide.

3.  O! what a lux‘y there abound 

     There, all our wish to know 

     The joy, the love and charity 

     Abundant!y is found.

4.  The threat of death and deadly pangs 

     Here on earth not in heaven

     The sacred saints in light array

     ln sweet immortal praise.

5.  The holy path of Christ to tread 

     Prepar'd abroad for us

     Peaceful, blissful abode on high 

     The Sacred throne of God.  Amen

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