HYMN 797

t.s. 747 886 (FE 832) 8.8.6
"As for me and my house, we will 
serve the Lord" - Joshua 24:15
Tune: “Lehin aye buburu yi”

1.  l and all those of my household

Will worship and serve the Lord God

But I even I will

By my words and by my actions 

Show that I know the God of heav'n 

And serve Him truthfully.

2.  I will create good example 

And remove every obstacle

From the way of my ward

By my life, show them their duty 

Yet, in my duty, to obtain 

Honour that comes through love.

3.  I’ll be easily entreated

And in wrath remember mercy

The Lord’s true disciple,

I also want to be holy

And bring my household and loved ones 

Into the narrow way.

4.  When Thou has put the flame of love 

Within this chosen vessels heart 

Receive it to Thyself;

Lord, do Thy goodwill within me 

Help to show by my life how each 

Bible Christian should live.

5.  Grant to me, dear Lord, Thy good grace 

Behold, I come to testify

Of Thy wonderful name

That sav’d my soul from perdition

And the grace that is felt within 

Of which each tongue can speak.

6.  I who have been set free from sin 

Desire my household to be sav'd

I would tell of pardon

To my child, my wife and servants 

To make them walk in the good way 

To holy heaven bound.  Amen

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