HYMN 803

(FE 838) PM
“My people shall be satisfied with
my goodness” - Jer. 31:14

1.  BLESS, Father, bless,

     Thy worthy children this day

     As we praise Thee for grace to us bestow’d 

     To us Thy Bounteous blessing daily given 

     Thy blessful fountain which will

     never dry.

Chorus: Oh! God of Abram! Oh! God of Light! 

              For Jesus sake, O! Lord

              Hearken to our prayer.

2.  Shower Thy blessings over all

     of our members 

     All brothers and sisters in our Council, 

     Choristers and all workers of this Order,

     This Holy Cherubim and Seraphim, 

     Oh! God of Aaron! Oh! God of Light! 

     Girdle this Holy Band with

      Thy Righteousness.

3.  Quench not Thy Light for ever in this Order, 

     Never allow the foes to draw us back, 

     Remove the filthiness in every corner 

     establish us for ever and evermore

     Thou God of Zion, Oh! God of Light, 

     Let not the savour of Thy Salt ever lost.

4.  Bless all the friends and all of our relatives 

     Members and visitors from every plac,

     Make them happy and daily bless 

     their movements,

     Bless every house with peace and 


     Jehovah Shalom Oh! God of Light

     Bring Peace and Plentiness to usevery day.

5.  Guide Lord Oh! guide our

     Country and our members

     Let nothing suffer us in all our days,

     Pardon our foes and all that feel to mock us,

     Stop all that stirs up quarrel in our midst, 

     Jehovah Ruphy, Oh! God of Light,

     Cure all our sicknesses where e'er it may be.

6.  Provide good food for us throughout

     all our life

     Good raiment and good health to put it on;

     Good house and peaceful living in all our days, 

     Let nothing suffer us in all our days

     Jehovah Jireh, Oh! God of Light,

     Bring peace and plentiness to us every day.

7.  Cure, Father, cure the sick and all the feeble, 

     Bring up to wealth all poverty stricken

     Let not hunger be known all amongst members 

     Close door to death and sicknesses in

     our midst 

     Jehovah-Nissi, Oh! God of Light

     Be scepter of vict’ry to us, Thy children.

8.  Thy Grace has kept us living up to this day, 

     Let our salvation be for Thy Glory,

     From death and sickness raging in our 

     Region, Jesus, protect us with Thy

     Wing of Power.

     Great God Jehovah! Oh! God of light! 

     Give us long life and usefulness all 

     our days.

9.  Great Judgment day where angels

     harvest mankind,

     When all our deeds before Thee clearly stand,

     Number, Oh! Lord our names among

     the Righteous, 

     The Crown of Glory be our merits there 

     Great God Jehovah! oh! God of Light!

     Crown all our efforts with

     Thy e‘erlasting Grace.  Amen

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