HYMN 805

C.M. (FE 840)
Tune: CM Emi ba le fiwa pele

1.  THE Keeper of all creation

     Our Omnipotent God

     With all our tongues and all our lips 

    Offer to Thee our praise.

2.  The young and the old give Thee thanks 

     Thou protecteth us all

    For Thine mercies and Thy blessings 

    On us from ages past.

3.  Burst into joy, soliders of Christ 

     And to thee sacred Bands

     For this anniversary, today

     On the surface of earth.

4.  Glorious in Holiness, we plead 

     Make us to all be Thine

     May we not ever Thee reject 

     But ever worship Thee.

5.  Further we pray, further we plead 

     In this existing year

     Be benevolent to us all

     Thine favour all we plead.

6.  Divine Guide of all creations

     Guide us all to the end

     Thine blessings may not satan snatch 

     May we be not at loss.

7.  As we worship and praise Thee Lord 

     On planet earth below

     Make us all worthy of Thy praise

     In heaven high above.  Amen

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