HYMN 814

H.C 148 S.M (FE 849) 
Tune: S.M. Mo f'ope f‘Oluwa

1.  JESUS the Truth and Way

     Perpetual Light so sure

     Strengthen my weakling limbs I pray 

     The right way lead me on.

2.  Wisdom and Direction 

     Wonderful Counsellor 

    Let me not forsakeThee oh Lord 

    And lost me astray go.

3.  My face lift I on high 

     Gazing on sacred Lamb

     Thine understanding Lord I plead 

     May I not be ashamed.

4.  My whole affairs oh Lord 

     Concede I unto Thee

     Rest I on Thine redemptive love 

     To the cross firmly cling.

5.  The Savour let me feel 

     To rest on Thee oh Lord

     Cast me not away Lord I pray 

     But love me to the end.

6.  Troubles make me o’ercome

     Lead me on to Thine peace

     Teach me to sing new hymns to Thee 

     When now I am made whole.

7.  Like Thee make me to be 

     Before my demise here 

     My feet establish firmly Lord

     In Thine love make me grow.

8.  Let me witness for Thee

     When source of sin destroyed 

    Save my unblemished soul oh Lord
    And make me heaven bound.  Amen

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