HYMN 815

(FE 851)

1.  The great and Omnipotent God

     Thou Egyptians destroyed

     Ages past at the deep red sea

     My foes destroy l plead.

Chorus: Grant me victory oh Lord

              Lest the foes me overcome

              O'er my foes grant me Victory

              Surmount all my problems Lord.

2.  Jesus I call out to Thee Lord

     Hearken Lord to my cry

     Lord I plead thee for victory

     Over seen, unseen fends.

Chorus: Premature death cast away

              Allay all my fears I plead 

              Lay my heart at rest oh Lord 

              Let all enemies retreat.

3.  Christ Jesus the head of our Band 

     In Thee I lay my trust 

     Let me never be put to shame 

     Provide for all my needs.

Chorus: God in Thee I seek refuge 

              Make my life fav’rable Lord

              May wild surging, storms of life 

              Not befall me Lord I plead.  Amen

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