HYMN 816

D. 7s (FE 852)
Tune: Bugbe Re ti Lewa to

1.  JESUS Thou my Lord my King

     In Thee rest I all my trust

     In this world none that I have 

     Beside Thee my Royal King

     Thus vindicate me oh Lord 

     Vanquish‘d let all my foes be

     Grant me joy and victory

     Through my sojourn here on earth.

2.  Give me Thine grace Lord I plead 

     Make me fit Thine own to be 

     Me un-equalled by my foes

     Make my life rosy I plead

     Thou who did for Queen Esther 

     Made her life rosy to her

     Turn my life so rosy be

     The plans of my foes abort.

3.  Make me prevail Lord I plead

     Thou prime of all pow’rs and strength

     Impact of the foes to naught

     Lord before Thine pow'r divine 

     Thus my Great God Creator

     Subdue all my foes I plead

     From my foes Thine rest me grant

     From troubles I may prevail.

4.  Thou art been from ages past

     Thou art before creation

     Thus my Christ Jesus Saviour

     All Thine affections reveal

     That may I thus experience 

     Thine glory Lord and Thine strength 

     That the world may thus behold 

     Thou art all encompassing power.

5.  Encapsulate me with Thine grace 

     With Thine glory rne surround 

     Thine divine strength my refuge be 

     Thine name my refuge I plead 

     Thus far that Thine I may be 

     Shield me from all glare and snares 

     From the devil, me protect

     My life with joy fill I plead.

6.  When I in heaven appear

     In Thine bossom let me be

     By Thine right side let me be

     On Thine reverred throne make me fit 

     Then my heart with joy be filled

     In Thy glory eternal;

     ln divine joy eternal

     In unfadding grace Oh Lord.  Amen

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