(FE 99)

1.  BAND of Cherubim has come

     giving praises to our God

     Oh come the whole universe giving

     Praises to our God.

2.  Band of Seraphim has come

     givmg praises to our God

     Come Ibo and Hausa, Come

     Let's praise our Father.

3.  The four cardinal points come lets

     go praise our Father

     Cherubim and Seraphim we are

     praising the Father.

4.  Both young and old all come, come

     let us praise the father

     Cherubim and Seraphim

     we praise thee oh Father.

5.  Jesus the Saviour we come

     we come to praise our father

     Leader remember Cherubim

     make them to be thy own.

6.  Jesus Saviour take us please 

     take us right there

     Up at our father‘s place, 

     please take us there.

7.  Jesus, Saviour thank, 

     for not letting us carry

     Satan burden tied down, 

     you didn't let us carry it.

8.  Your women should endure and 

     don‘t let yourself be bogged

     All those who are like Hannah

     the Father will provide for them.

9.  Father remember the old ones that
     are among us

     So that they don‘t starve at old age,

     Father do remember them.

10.  Holy Spirit do please, please 

       reveal it unto us

       Holy words in the Bible, please 

       reveal it unto us.  Amen

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