HYMN 820

Tune: Jesu ni Balogun oko

1.  GOD I have as caring Father

     I am nay not afrightened

     Ever how hard the foes may rage 

     Jesus shall e’er dominate

     He’s our faithful and honest friend 

     Me He will not ever forsake

     How ever the tempest may rage 

     He’ll safely lead me ashore.

2.  Rain may fall and the sun may scorch 

     Earth may quake, mountains may move 

     The thunder may roar, fire blaze

     Jesu I’ll never betray

     He’s the Saviour of the whole world 

     Many are of this oblivious

     He shall all of us ressurrect

     At the end, the judgement day.

3.  I am rest assured here on earth 

     For God I have as Father

     Not a woe, me to experience

     By the blood of Christ His Son 

     Here I come unto the fountain 

     Cleanse me oh my Saviour I plead 

     Let me never wander away

     Draw me gently unto Thee.

4.  Make me steadfast oh Lord I plead 

     Aboard the Seraphim ark

     Let not by insane lunatic

     My toillings to be destroyed

     God of Saint Orimolade

     Who established Seraphim Band

     Oh! I bow down and worship Thee

     Let my prayers ascend to Thee.  Amen

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