HYMN 821

H.C No 57 Edn. 6. 8s (FE 857)
Tune: lgbagbo mi duro lori

1.  LET us give praises unto God 

     For He keepeth us till today

     For we art oblivious of when

     He appearest, the world to judge.

Chorus: The day contest, the world shall end)
              Halleluyah, Cherub shall sing) - 2ce

2.  The judgement day, a frightful day 

     When Jesus shall, sheep set apart

     Out and apart, from satan’s fold

     The loudest trump of God shall sound.

Chorus: The day comest, the world shall end) 

              Halleluyah, Seraph shall sing) - 2ce

3.  The sinners shall tremble and flee 

     Before Jesus, Saviour our God

     For mercy and life be no more

     For mercy they shall cry and plead.

Chorus: Alas! the mercy's day is gone)

             Halleluyah, Cherub shall sing) - 2ce

4.  Brethren let’s to prayer resume

     To blessod God the Trinity

     For He the world hath created

     All the fulness therein doest dwell.

Chorus: And all His sheep He gatherest
             Holy Chorus to Him they'll rend.  Amen

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