HYMN 822

PM (FE 858)
"When the Chief Shepherd shall 
appear ye shall receive a crown 
of glory that fadeth not away"
 - 1Pet. 5:4

1.  A Band of life is Seraph Band 

     A prayerful Band it is

     A Band whose trust is not on Roots 

     A Band whose trust is not on Leaf 

    Our Jesus Christ Our only Light 

    Who cures and bless us all.

2.  Be faithful to the end Cherub Seraph 

     Be active at the work of God

     Not with the hope of wordly gain 

     Don't care about this world’s mockery 

     To gain the crown of Gold.

3.  Jesus the Lord of Seraphim

     Help us that we may not loose in thee 

     That day of judgement of the world 

     When all the face of world shall meet 

     Holy Messiah our glorious King

     Let us have space with thee.  Amen

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