HYMN 827

t.H.C 6s 8s (FE 864) PM
"Moses said unto the people, fear ye 
not, stand still and see the salvation 
of the Lord" - Ex.14:13


1.  MOSES Orimolade 

     Is our Great Teacher

     To earth God has sent him

     To establish this Band.

Chorus: Cherubim Seraphim he named

             This Holy Band of ours - 2ce

2.  O God of Tunolase 

     Let thy Spirit descend 

     In all our daily prayer

     Never to let us fail.

Chorus: Cherubim Seraphim...

3.  Let not devil’s deceit 

     Make us offend Tunolase

     That we be not condemned

     When we depart this world.

Chorus: Cherubim Seraphim...

4.  All ye who are steadfast 

     To be Moses children

     The foundation of truth

     Shall guide you to the end.

Chorus: Cherubim Seraphim...

5.  We are dispersing home 

     Guide us with Host above

     That all worldly evil

     Have no power on us.

Chorus: Cherubim Seraphim...

6.  O! When the end shall come 

     To reckon high above

     Moses Orimolade

     Open the gate for us.

Chorus: Cherubim Seraphim...

7.  Praying Father of our Band 

     Whom God kindly inspire

     May God his aid to be

     And ever prosper him. 

Chorus: Almighty God always hear him 

             As Thou hast heard Moses

             As Thou hast heard Moses.  Amen

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