HYMN 830

H.C. 492 (FE 867)
"Learn of me, for I am meek and lowly
in heart” - Matt. 11:29

1.  I want to be like Jesus,

     So lowly and so meek

     For no one marked an angry word 

     That ever heard Him speak.

2.  I want to be like Jesus

     So frequently in prayer

     Alone upon the mountain-top 

     He met His Father there.

3.  I want to be like Jesus

     I never, never find

     That He, though persecuted, was 

     To any one unkind.

4.  I want to be like Jesus 

     Engaged in doing good

     So that of me it may be said 

     She hath done what she could.

5.  I want to be like Jesus

     Who sweetly said to all

     Let little children come to me 

     I would obey the call.

6.  But oh, I’m not like Jesus

     As any one may see

     Then, gentle Saviour, send Thy Grace, 

     And make me like to Thee.  Amen

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