HYMN 835

T. c.m.s 385 c.c. 25 p.m (FE 872)
Tune: Gbekele Olurun re

1.  ALL ye Band of Seraphim 

     Endure on, endure on

     Be ye strong and not weary 

     Endure on

     Onward in thy Journey though 

     Tempest and storm may arise 

     Fight a good cause and fear not 

     Just endure.

2.  Cherubim and Seraphim 

     Endure on, endure on

     As all the Prophets of old 

     Who endured

    Forge ahead and be not slack 

    Father will thy prayers hark 

    Endure all tribulations

    Just endure.

3.  Thorny the way may though seem 

     Endure on, endure on

     Gaze above the blessed land 

     Endure on

     Remember The Word spake thus 

     With wings ye will mount the hills 

     By the power of Trinity

     We‘ll be crowned.  Amen

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