HYMN 839

(FE 876)
Tune: C.M.S 303 10s

1.  THE eye has not seen nor hath 

     the ear heard 

     The feast that God has prepared 

     for His own 

     Those people who love Him and 

     those whom He loved

     And who worship before Him here 

     in His house.

2.  How glorious heav’n is no one can know 

     It’s joy has not broken into man’s heart

     If the kingdom of this world can be 

     so sweet 

     How would the Kingdomof God be, 

     to compare.

3.  A city without sin and without death

     A city where we‘ll never say “Good bye 

     Where there is no parting nor any weeping 

     Where Jesus reigns how great the rejoicing there.

4.  Where we shall meet with those who 

     have gone on

     The father, the son, the husband and wife 

     Friend and neighbours all, who have gone 

     on before

     Oh, how pleasant, the kingdom of God will be.

5.  With the saints of God to gather and sing

     The song of Moses and that of the Lamb, 

     Where there will be no more cares as in 

     the world 

     Where Jesus will serve us, how pleasant 


6.  Let me lose the world, its passing riches

     Just to set my feet in the glory land

     And when I walk the street of gold, up yonder 

     I‘ll forget all the sufferings l have

     gone through.  Amen

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