"I will bless the Lord at all time his praise shall
continually be in my mouth" - Ps. 34:1

1.  YE angels that dwell in Heaven,

     Give praise to our Father,

     For the band established here below

     For the redemption of soul;

     Therefore let's rejoice and be glad

     And then shout Hallelujah,

     ln remembrance of Jesus death

     Painful death on the cross.

Chorus: There's Command from Heaven's
              Courts above

              That this Band must multiply!

              There's Command from heaven's 

              Courts above,

              It must grow from strength to strength;

              Till Blind in spirit behold Light

              In this world and that to come

              So that death of Jesus on Cross

              Would never pass in vain. 

2.   Ye Cherubirn and Seraphim

      Give praises to our Father,

      Who has established this Holy Band

      To procure us salvation;

      Therefore let us run the swift race

      Of service to Almighty

      Perseverance to the end shall bring

      Everlasting life to us.

Chorus: There's Command...

3.  All the works we do in this world

     All the characters we show

     All the words that we utter therein

     Let’s be watchful and careful

     For the Lord shall bring to Judgement

     All that we do in this world

     With every secret thing we do

     Be it good or evil.

Chorus: There's Command...

4.  Jesus proclameth us Light of world

     To cast all darkness away;

     The city built on the top of Hill

     Can never hide from vision,

     God has made us the salt of the earth

     To greatly sweeten the earth

     But if salt has lost its savour,

     How can it be seasoned?

Chorus: There's Command...

5.  Glory be to Lord our saviour

     For the love bestowed on us

     Calling us into this Holy Band

     The lst Ark of Salvation

     Glory and honour Might and power,

     Highest honour and wisdom

     To Father, Son and Holy Ghost, For

     ever Trinity.

Chorus: There's Command...  Amen

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