HYMN 844

C.M.S 478, H.C C.M (FE 881) 
"Because narrow is the gate, and
hard is the way which leadeth unto 
life” - Matt. 7:14

1.  THERE is a path that leads to God 

     All others leads astray

     Narrow but pleasant is the road 

     And Christians love the way.

2.  It leads straight through this world 

     of sin 

     And dangers must be pass’d

     But those who boldly walk therein

     Will get to heav’n at last.

3.  How shall an infant pilgrim dare 

     This dangerous path to tread? 

     For on the way’s many a snare 
     For youthful trav‘llers spread.

4.  While the broad road, where 

     thousands go 

     Lies near and opens fair

     And many turn aside, I know

     To walk with sinners there.

5.  But lest my feeble steps should slide 

     Or wander from Thy way

     Lord, condescend to be my guide 

     And I shall never stray.

6.  Then I may go without alarm

     And trust His word of old

     The lambs He’ll gather with His arm

     And lead them to the fold.

7.  This l may safetly venture through 

     Beneath my Shepherd’s care

     And keep the gate of heav’n in view, 

     Till l shall enter there.  Amen

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