HYMN 847

H.C. 401 (FE 888) 
Tune: Oluwa ‘kore ‘wo l’a nyin

1.  THE saints of God! their conflict past 

     And life’s long battle won at last

     No more they need the shield or sword 

     They cast them down before their Lord

     O happy saints! for ever blest

     At Jesus feet how safe their rest!

2.  The saints of God! their wand’rings done 

     No more their weary course they run 

     No more they faint, no more they fall 

     No foes oppress, no fear appeal

     O happy saints! for ever blest

     In that dear home, how sweet their rest?

3.  The saints of God! life's voyage o'er 

     Safe landed on that blissful shore

     No stormy tempests now they dread 

     No roaring billows lift their head

     O happy saints! for ever blest

     In that calm haven of their rest.

4.  The saints of God their vigil keep

     While yet their mortal bodies sleep 

     Till from the dust they too shall rise

     And soar triumphant to the skies

    O happy saints! rejoice and sing

    He quickly comes, our Lord and King.

5.  O God of saints, to Thee we cry

     O Saviour, plead for us on high

     O Holy Ghost, our Guide and friend 

     Grant us Thy grace till life shall end

     That will all saints our rest may be 

     ln that bright paradise with Thee.  Amen

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