HYMN 851

(FE 893)
Tune: Baba jo ranti mi

1.  THANKS we offer to God

     For keeping us till now

     Our souls not yieldeth to beasts 

     Nor unto devourers

     Death and satan doth rage

     Nay us God to forsake

     Glory unto Most High God 

     Great Majesty; our God.

2.  Multitude is Thine grace

     On us bestow King of Kings 

     Thine protection, guide and care 

     And victory from the foes

     In subconscious and life

     And Thy bene-volence

    Divine healing, miracle

    Our thanks accept oh Lord.

3.  Our riches not enough

     Our clothings naught of worth 

     No worthy thanks unto Thee 

     But our songs rend to Thee 

     Our souls to Christ we give 

     Now and eternity

     May heav’nly joy for us be 

     Promiseth us of Christ.

4.  Even though wealth abound 

     Multitude houses built 

     Coats of colours purchaseth 

     Many are kids we born

     Nay of joy they shall be 

     Nay our joy yet is full

     Art we nay promises made 

    When we in dread and fright.

5.  Why afrightened art thou

     Christ Jesus all can wrought

     Art thou tempest tossed and drift 

    To Jesus call for help

    Peter calleth for help

    Peter ne’er left to drown 

    Hezekiah calleth Him

    Victory hath he won.

6.  Those who Christ blood desire 

     Shall in their heart decide 

     From Lucifer to depart

     And from his evil hosts 

     Wrath, strife, envy decline 

     Hatred revellings ignore

     All ungodly acts and deeds 

    Now and for-ever-more.

7.  Thanks we offer to God 

     King of Kings, Lord of Lords

     Almighty, wonderful God

    Lord and Saviour of men 

    Creation, Maker of days

    Thy great Name we rever

    Great is Thy be-ne-vo-lence

    Our thanks receive oh Lord.  Amen

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