HYMN 853

6s 8s (FE 895) 
Tune: Oluwa yo pese

1.  GOD of my earthly being 

     My soul to Thee rejoice

     By Thy grace I am made

     Still I am so preserved

     The day of my birth is now come 

     So shall I bless - 2ce 

     My day of birth.

2.  Through all my earthly days 

     To Thee I pray to live

     May all my heart and soul 

     Thanks and praise offer Thee

     My possesions and all my being

     My creator - 2ce 

     And God will praise.

3.  All the strength of my soul 

    Solely Thine it shall be 

    All the time I posses 

    Separated unto Thee

    In Thine image, Me incarnate

    And I will praise - 2ce

    Thee forever.

4.  Thine will all is my wish

     As heav’nly Angels do

     Born again I in Christ 

     Forgiveness I'll receive

     May I fulfill, Thine perfect will 

     May I by love - 2ce 

     Be sanctified.

5.  The toil when accomplished 

     By the strong power of faith 

     Receive Thy be-lo-ved

     In the time of demise

     Call me as Thou hath called Moses 

     ln perfect peace - 2ce

     My soul shall rest.  Amen

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