1.  BLESSED Shepherd our souls protect 

     ln perilous seasons

     Grant unto Thine flock here below 

     The zeal on guard to be.

2.  When at the peak our travails be 

     And dare trials abound

     May our souls rest on Thee assured 

     Ceaseless in fervent pray‘rs.

3.  Suppliant heart to us endow 

     Graciously time un-end

      By grace afford Thy face to see 

      Thy name to us reveal.

4.  His sacred being to us bestow’d 

     Un-alloy’d perfect love

     May Thee our wish and desire be 

     Ne’er Thee from us depart.

5.  Thou shall never from me depart 

     Thine name to me reveal

     WithThy salvation my soul bless 

     Thine image make me be.

6.  Thine face to me brightly reveal 

     When on the mount I dwell

     When Thou our God, our faith we see 

     Our worship, praise we give.  Amen

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